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on mornings on 2. >>> also coming up, we continue to follow that s.w.a.t. team standoff in san francisco and things are changing by the minute. >>> two separate arson incidents at two separate hospitals, stay right here with us. >> reporter: heavy rain and strong winds moving across the bay area overnight. mum, we'll break down rain timing for today and when thunderstorms could be added to the forecast. >>> an intense standoff unfolding at a san francisco pot club this morning. we'll tell you why the s.w.a.t. team was called to this building and we'll tell you about the wanted man we're told is inside. >> reporter: a two-hour police standoff in a quiet neighborhood in san mateo. we will tell you what happened inside the hospital, what workers there are telling us this morning. >>> also -- stormy weather both here at home and back east. how this is affecting this morning's flights at sfo. "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, march 6th. >>> we begin with developing news fro
of the car in san francisco and that's when police shot one of the men several times. killing him. it is unclear if that was the passenger or the driver. police are not saying at this point whether the man who was shot had a weapon. >> can you tell me if the person who was killed was armed? >> i can't say exactly if that person was armed or not. just too early in the investigation. >> too early in the investigation to say exactly what happened. >> now, the second man who was inside that car was taken into custody by police. no officers were shot during all of this. but at least one officer did sustain some minor injuries. in fact the car that the two men were inside actually rolled into a police car. and hit that police car. now, as we bring you back out live to the picture, san francisco homicide investigators are out here still gathering evidence. they will be working with the district attorney's office to piece together this deadly police shooting. we also did this morning put in a call to daily city police for a comment on what took place here since their department was involv
: we're live here in san francisco where a suspect steal as taxicab, rams into a police car and then shots were fired. we'll bring you the latest -- coming up. >>> a messy labor dispute that began just hours ago. why bay area garbage workers are walking the picket line. >>> the search is just about to resume for a missing man in santa cruz county. the video message he sent just days before he vanished. "mornings on 2" >>> well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's friday, march 15th. >>> breaking news in san francisco. a wild chain of events led officers to shoot at a carjacked taxicab. it all began at jackson and buchanan street. shots were fired at jackson and spruce and it ended at fort mason. that's where brian flores is. >> reporter: we're live here in fort mason. you are taking a live look here. that's the taxicab vandalized and then later stolen. the suspect was later taken into custody. we want to go to the new video just into the ktvu newsroom. a suspect vandalized a taxicab around jackson and bu can son.
first on the scene of san jose's ninth homicide of the year. >>> a gruesome death at a san francisco bart station that many questions surrounding the grim discovery. >>> >> reporter: a gruesome deadly accident at a san francisco b.a.r.t. station. we'll tell you what one man was doing right before he was killed. >> reporter: this neighborhood has turned into a crime scene after neighbors find a man shot to death in the middle of the street. we'll tell you what police think may have led up to the shooting. >>> we're following developing news from afghanistan. new deadly attacks targeting u.s. troops. >>> a major crash in half moon bay has one of the major roads in and out of the area blocked. "mornings on 2" starts right now. >> well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's monday march 11th. we want to go right to sal following a serious crash on highway 92. >> this crash is blocking all of the lanes on 92 between 35 and 1. they are doing an investigate, major injuries. a person taken away, taken to stanford hospital. but highway 92 is shut
are searching for the driver who plowed into a home in san francisco's bayview district, then took off. it happened around 4:00 it morning. tara moriarty is joinging us with reaction from the home in the woman who thought there had been an earthquake. >> reporter: good morning. they thought it was an earthquake. the mother said the daughter rushed into her bedroom and said i think it's the big one and then they looked outside and saw the car smashed into their house where the blue tarp is. witnesses say the driver slammed into the house and then the suspect ran away. there appears to be about $10,000 worth of damage to the house and many items inside the garage were ruined, including a dryer. witnesses could not tell if the person was a man or a woman. they appeared to be latino or pacific islander. the impact of the crash was enough to wake up everyone inside the home. luckily, no one was hurt. >> came outside, nobody was hurt. all of the stones and rock and stuff is on the ground. very surprising. you don't really see too many disasters like this. >> reporter: police are running the
>>> a san francisco nightclub where shots are fired. we'll tell you what club goers believe started the violence. >>> and what was discovered outside the building that has investigators looking closely at the case. >>> plus, a 75-foot tree comes crashing down on a home in the east bay in the middle of the night. we'll show you the damage it left behind. >>> good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. i'm mike mibach. i'm claudine wong. let's check in with rosemary to see how the day is going to shape up. >> it is going to be a beautiful day. we are looking at temperatures within a few degrees of freezing. i will bring you the current temperatures in a few moments. mostly sunny. temperatures will rebound and feel pretty good for the afternoon. in the extended forecast, notable changes, and it includes the possibility of wet weather. >>> we begin with developing news out of san francisco. patrs at a nightclub are describing the chaos after someone opened fire this morning. alex savage is live near the nightclub not far from at&t ballpark. >> reporter: good morning. club goers tell me this
. that's been cleared. let's move to the drive here in san francisco along northbound 101. there is still a scene at b street, vermont, castro valley with an injury crash. let's go to rosemary. >> sunnier skies for friday. temperatures will warm up slightly over yesterday. our weather is drying out. that system that brought us the rain finally moving to the south. a live look at the current temperatures, a band of clouds stretching from san francisco sort of up the i-80 corridor at this time. napa still checking in right at 36 degrees for you. santa rosa 35, fairfield 35, just a few degrees above freezing. that's a chilly start. widespread 40s, we are cleared out but the central and southern portions of the bay area were under mostly cloudy skies, take a look at the time l aps e. it's just been the last hour or two since the system has pulled far enough south to help with the clearing. as i move farther out we have the system out off the coast. just the north eedge of the wrap around moisture into parts of the valley, san luis ob isp o. we are looking good for today. temperatures will be
be easier to get into the national postal forum in san francisco today. >> okay! >> workers and customers protested outside yesterday's sexes at moscone service. they are angry the postal service is spending more than $2 million to network with vendors. but the postmaster general says they represent one-third of total postal service revenue and they need to hear their concerns. the conference wraps up tomorrow. >>> two men were indicted by a federal grand jury for trying to get $20 million out of the state's pension fund. the indictment names two men of using fake documents to trick people into paying $20 million in fees to a company run by villarobos. >>> there is a new study that says california lawmakers have the highest based salary in the nation. last year the base salary for legislators topped $95,000. they also received about $30,000 in tax-free per diem payments. but the governor's salary, not quite as high. governor brown earned $173,000. that's the 7th highest in the country. the top salary goes to the governor in pennsylvania. he earns just over $183,000. >>> some california co
. >> a young man from scott's valley is back with his family. matthew abraham was on a bus from san francisco to nevada when another passenger realized he likely had a medical condition. the man went to a library in utah where he learned the 20- year-old was missing and then he called authorities. family members say he suffered a head injury in a biking accident and wasn't sure of his identity. >> worked with this -- at that point this unidentified person to make sure that he didn't leave this library. this person that was traveling with him did a great service to us and everybody. >> family members now heading to utah to bring him home. >> here we are the last weekend of the winter season because next week officially marks the start of spring. >> you are right. it arrive on the 20th and i'm looking at spring showers in the forecast for the first day of spring between now and then we will be drying relatively mild out there. temperatures will stay above the seasonal norm as we get in to the weekend. outside right now we are still about ten minutes the official sunrise and you can see from
. >>> police in south san francisco searching for a serial arsonist. police say three fires were deliberately set saturday night and sunday morning in orange park and near el camino real. they were all quickly put out. they caused very little damage. if you have any information, get in contact with san francisco police. >>> this is a pivotal week for people on both sides of the gay marriage debate. the supreme court will hear arguments on two same-sex marriage cases including proposition 8, california's ban on gay marriage. brian flores joins us with a local couple right in the middle of the debate. >> reporter: after years being denied the right to marry, a local couple says now is the time for the u.s. supreme court to overturn proposition 8. we recently talked to the couple. they are the plaintiffs in the debate over prop 8. on tuesday, the u.s. supreme court is scheduled to hear their case, otherwise known as holyingsworth verses perry. they've been together for 14 years and have raised three boys. >> family, it's an important struggle. there's been sacrifice. at the same time, it's a hug
in oakland. lost the reading here in san francisco but san francisco waking up in the low to mid 40s. 46 redwood city. 47 half-moon bay. along the coastline the san mateo coastline down into monterey. i'm seeing patchy fog develop here. we have a very week on shore breeze. with that the moist pacific air pushing in a little bit. i think we will see that in the week ahead. the ridge of high pressure will establish itself over california. the wind will turn light that will allow our sea breeze to return at times. so we're dealing with it maybe just inside the bay this morning. we have it along the coastline. as i move you through your sunday. notice it burns away, returns into the afternoon. sunsetting at about 7:13 this evening. a look at the afternoon highs for today. in san francisco 65 for you. 69 in oakland. 71 in concord. 73 for napa. low 70s santa rosa. down into the south bay san jose you're checking in at 70 degrees. 69 in mountain view. 71 as we go inland for livermore. 70s for concord as well. the extended forecast as we get through today it's going to be a nice one and then tom
with us. >>> we're live in san francisco's west portal neighborhood where one woman is fighting for her life after being struck in a crosswalk. police say it was foggy but one neighbor says that was no excuse. >> a bay area baseball coach is facing serious charges and why this investigation is far from over. >> yet another threat at a bay area school. this time on the peninsula. how the police are responding. >> reporter: and we're live in coopertino where dozens of people camped out to get something for free 365 days out of the year. mornings on 2 starts now. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome to mornings on 2 i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it is thursday march 21st . an elderly woman is in the hospital after she and her husband were run over by a truck. tara is live where the crash happened. >> reporter: good morning. that woman is in critical condition fighting for her life. getting an idea how busy this intersection can be. this is where it happened in one of these four crosswalks right here. it's very bus
of the victims has to the bay area. >>> two people arrested in san francisco. the crime they are accused of committing. >>> gearing up for the oakland running festival. they are getting set to start in just a half hour. >>> good morning. welcome to mornings on 2 i'm claudine wong. >> and i'm mike mibach. let's dive into it and get a check of the forecast. good morning, to you rosemary. >> good morning. it's a gorgeous day for a run. it's a bit of a chilly start. another round of nice mild weather into the afternoon. this could be the warmest day. i see cooler weather on the way. i'll detail your forecast and have a look at your numbers for today copping up -- coming up >>> sis pecked gunman in a -- suspected gunman in a marine bar rack shooting is from the bay area. she graduated from liberty high in brentwood. her friends say she dreamt of joining the marines and serving her country. >> we were talking about her wanting to come over and i wanted to see her. i wanted her to see my baby. the last time she saw him was when he turned one. i just missed her a lot. and we talk through facebo
>>> we're live in san francisco where two dozen people are evacuated from some apartments in the bayview because of a fire. why neighbors say it can be traced to an ongoing dispute with a landlord and garbage chute. >>> day two of the same-sex marriage hearings are getting underway right now. right now, the critical case the supreme court will review this morning. >>> a problem on the bay bridge. find out if that will affect the scheduled opening on labor day. >> reporter: and we're live on the bridge where there are no more humane toll takers. we'll tell you what you can expect as you drive across it. >>> well, good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, march 27th. >>> we're following developing news in san francisco that we first told you about at 4:30. firefighters are still cleaning up after an early-morning fire on third and mckinnon in the bayview district. tara moriarty is there. and tara, some residents say this fire was intentionally set? >> reporter: that's what they believe. they say the landlord had an ongoing dispute with one of the te
with the first three digits of the nonending number. the numeric form is 3.14, and the san francisco exploratorium will serve pie in honor. >> hot apple pie. >> i like all pie. >>> good morning. we'll have a look at the san jose crash, what it's doing to traffic. it's not good. also looking at the toll plaza, a big delay there. let's go to mark. >> good morning. the fog making a comeback, coastside right around the bay, not as widespread as yesterday but still a factor. a big batch of high clouds moving in and temperatures cool off into the weekend. we'll keep an eye on the fog and have an update in the 7:00 hour. >>> coming up, a jolt that may surprise you. >>> growing number of threats at local schools, one mentioned today's date. we'll be right back. >>> we're live at foothill high school in pleasanton where a threatening note is found on campus. we'll tell you what it said and how either schools are reacting to the problem. >>> an overnight jolt in the area. where a 4.6 earthquake hit just hours ago. >> reporter: we're live at st. mary's college in morago with what vatican schola
st century. the conclave is about to begin. >> reporter: we're live in san francisco where bay area catholics will be praying for a new pope. we'll tell you about a special mass taking place here in san francisco. >> reporter: and a teacher accused of tying up a student, a 2-year-old girl who refused to take a nap. we'll tell you how school leaders are responding this morning. >>> how a fire scene quickly turned into a crime scene in the north bay. "mornings on 2" begins right now. >>> well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, march 12th. >>> happening now -- in 45 minutes, the college of cardinals will gather at the claple for a final prayer before the start of the conclave in the vatican. earlier this morning, mass was held to pray for the election of the new pope. [bell tolling] >> at 8:30 this morning, our time, after the final prayer, the cardinals will walk from pauline chapel to the sistine chapel. once inside the doors will be locked and conclave will officially begin with the 115 cardinals inside. the first coat coul
away a free trip to san francisco and a chance to meet president obama. he will arrive next week. to win the trip entries had to be in last week. no word when the winner will be announced. >>> a new report this morning shows former george bush had the most expense esof former presidents in 2012. the government spent nearly $7.3 million on all former presidents last year and 1.3 million of that was spent on former president bush. the money conkers pension compensation and events where the presidents make appearances. it does not come from secret security. that comes from a separate budget. >>> david petraeus, making his first public speech since resigning in november over an extramarital affair. he will speak tonight at the university of southern california. he will be at an event hopperring the military. "the new york times" has a copy of his prepared speech and indicates he will will apologize for having that affair with his former biographer. >>> this morning, the nra is defending its decision to make robo calls to families in newtown, connecticut. >> your state senator will pl
flyers like this one at every bart station in san francisco. >> it was a pretty late event for me, and i just -- i can't believe i dozed off. >> the hairstyle hairstylist from san bruno said she fell asleep with her pooch in her carrier. when she woke up, the the little pomeranian was gone. this is a picture of him in his tuxedo. the carrier looks just like a purse, so it's possible that the thief who snatched archie didn't even know he was inside. >> no questions asked, just i have a reward, and i would love to have him home. i will do anything. it would be a miracle to have him back. >> she suffers from anxiety after experiencing a plane crash in her childhood, so archie helps her cope with that anxiety without having any medication. now, she's been looking for archie around the clock. she's been going to shelters and filed a report with the police. she's offered a $3,000 reward. she also plans to start a facebook page for her missing dog. if you have any information about this case, you're urged to call bart police. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu news. >>> let's check in again with sal. two
up for the repairs. >>> starting today, many san francisco students can ride muni for free. more than 20,000 students have signed up for the program. they have to qualify for discounted or free lunches at their schools to be eligible. they are given a special clipper card to use. muni is testing the program for 16 months before deciding if they will make it permanent. >>> want to check in with sal. see if it's friday night. how are -- friday light. how are things at the bay bridge toll plaza? >> it's moderate. the fog, though, is going to be an issue. i think you're gonna notice it in our pictures. this commute is very, very foggy. you will she traffic backed under for about a ten-minute delay. -- bagged for about a ten- minute delay -- backed up for about a ten-minute delay. we're looking at traffic times for you. the drive time from 238 to mowry avenue is about 20 minutes, which is about moderate. not all that bad. across the bay if you are driving from san bruno, that's about an eight-minute drive. let's go to steve. >>> big story this morning is all of the fog. right above it. a c
at the bay bridge and city of san francisco in the backdrop. most of us waking up with mostly clear skies, little bit of patchy fog and over the south bay and areas of mountain view i'm seeing a few low clouds and the low cloud deck over san jose. mostly cloudy. in the 30s to 40s. once again. 37 in santa rose a.38napa. i want to point out this is slightly warmer than where we were 24 hours ago. though it's a cold start we are about like where we were friday. if you were out early you know what to expect. 37 in walnut creek. widespread 40s, 46 san francisco, 43 in areas around haywood. 38 san ramone. again we will start now to see the temperatures slowly turn around over the next two hours and then into the afternoon a nice warm up in store. here is the forecast. picking up just a little bit of high cloud cover around are the bay area, san jose reporting mostly cloudy by ten its clearing out. even the coastline looks mostly clear for your saturday afternoon. temperatures will be a few degrees above yesterday afternoon highs. pacific satellite view the system that brought the little bit of
for the national day of action. at 10:00 a group will gather at the san francisco office of senator dianne feinstein. and at 5:30 this evening there will be a rally and march beginning at middlefield road and university avenue. >>> we are now hearing that facebook ceo mark zuckerberg plans to form a political group. zuckerberg wants to form the group to address issues such as scientific issues. >>> tesla has a new big deal. coming up at 7:45 we'll have a live report on the big announcement involving tesla's newest automotive partner. >>> some say twitter is bowing to the russian government to sensor consent. the social network giant has been cooperating with russian authorities since early this month. but some say it means deleting private accounts and blocking content. there's no word yet on a response from twitter. >>> has your computer been a little slow lately? it might be due to the biggest hack attack in history. european span prevention service. that publishes list of e-mail spammers. they use those lists to black spam. the hacker tried to overhaul spam and that slowed down computer
in frank. >> right now traffic is moving along pretty well. there is a crash in san francisco. alameda i'm sorry san jose avenue at delong. when i say bad area i say it's poor visibility in the area. so it's dangerous. the fire department and police are asking you to be careful. westbound bay bridge traffic backed up for a 15-20 minute delay. now let's go to mark. >>> hi there, sal. we have been watching the fog develop at the coast to near parts of the bay. the national weather service issuing this. a dense fog advisory for parts of the bay area. visibilities down to less than a quarter of a mile. today some morning fog. temperatures on the warm side this afternoon. ranging from the 60s, 70s, approaching the 80-degree mark. a few changes in the five-day forecast. we'll have more coming up. >>> also coming up on mornings on 2 over night developments in the election of a new pope. we will take you to rome as we watch for smoke. >>> that disturbing threat at a bay area high school how the police and teachers are responding. stay right here with us. >>> it happened just hours ago for the th
on 2", they pursued the suspect into san francisco near k. and the passenger -- near candlestick park and the driver jumped out and ran with a gun. he pointed the gun at both san francisco and daly city police officers and that's when they shot and killed him. >> in overis night news. a car full of teenageers were on the run from the chp, officers tried to pull over the car. they suspected the driver was drunk. >> the vehicle eventually plowed into a fence. and there were five teens in the car and police say the injuries range from minor to serious. >> gill roy police are investigating a bar fight that turned into a stabbing near a popular restaurant. >> that happened before midnight. and this is on monterey street. >> a 36-year-old man was found with stab wound in his back. he got into a fight with a man who was arrested for homicide. >>> this victim was ira lifted to a nearby trauma center. >>> they were ordered to to this. this is at wesley man more at hamilton boulevard in campbell. they provide affordable housing to seniors. it started on the high rise. and they were evacuated. e
. >>> it is 7:18. the chair of san francisco's republican party has been elected the first female vice chair of the states gop. party members cast their ballots over the weekend. at the state gop's spring convention in sacramento. it'll be to the muslim region. it accused her of sympathize. not a muslim. party leads have denounced remark. a big name california republican may be getting ready to run for governor. tells the chronical he is seriously considering running against now he says he could bring new republican message to the state. he was one of the highest ranking republican latino in california history. >> we have new information about recent call tran study. researchers found they found testing mistakes and altered information did not affect the safety of california's bridges. however, the sacramento reports that the same study revealed that those problem extended beyond one rogue tech anymore. misrepresented or ignored information or other consequential information on four structures including the martinez bridge. two of the engineers are still working for the company. >>> a young
, ktvu channel 2 news. >> 7:31. police in san francisco say they found an assault rifle that was stolen from unmarked police car over the weekend. the semi automatic ar-15 was similar to this one. taken saturday night in an area south of market street. police have not said how or where it was recovered. more information is expected to be released later this morning. investigators in oakland are looking for the person who led them on a high speed chase. ended before 9:00 last night on keller avenue and mountain boulevard. the driver took off on foot. police believe the driver was armed and selling guns. >> 7:38. police in richmond still searching for the suspects yesterday afternoon. 21-year-old lincoln player was shot several times near 6th and pennsylvania street. happened with 3:30 in the afternoon. shots fired technology alerted them to the gunshots. second homicide of the year. >> ♪ i pray you'll be our eyes ♪ watch us where we go ♪ >> last night, a somber vigil was held for 18-year-old richard vega. a student at dianza college who was shot and killed sunday night. held at s
. the new information we got about the suspect overnight. >>> we are live in san francisco where hundreds are climbing the highest peak to go to a special easter service. we will take you there live straight ahead. >>> in this hour, few sprinkles falling over the bay area. what you can expect for easter sunday coming up. >>> car fire burning in oakland overnight. >>> this is "mornings on 2". >>> good morning, and welcome to "mornings on 2". i am claudine wong. it is sunday, march 31st, happy easter. >> good morning, i am mike mibach. happy easter. we will see how long the rain will last in the bay area. >> good morning to you. it is all day event. it is not going to be widespread for the entire day. we are in a lull right now. take a look at storm tracker two. few sprinkles over the bay area. and east bay and/or linda seeing a few light -- and or linda in the center and will be passing over the bay by this afternoon. bring scattered showers and possibility of more thunderstorms. we will detail the timeline for your easter sunday and give you an extended forecast in just a bit. >>> new det
lamar tab. >>> time is 7:06. san francisco got the party started early. today is is st. patrick's day. they held the 16 # annual st. patrick's day parade up and down market street. irish step danceers, and dignitary and firefighters were in the procession as well. >> this was the grand marshal. san francisco's mayor served as grand marshal in cork, ireland. cork is a city city to san francisco. the friendship comes from creative and assault central synergies. >> here is a sign of the festivities. the chicago river dyed green. this man is dressed as leprechaun and helped entertain the crowd. this is the 51st year for the tradition. >>> here at home. dublin's little celebration continues. the shamrock five k, fun run and walk. and the map along the busiest streets. the run starts and end at the dublin civic center and the st. patrick's day festival starts at 5:00. >> if you are heading out to dublin, we will turn to rosemary and see how we are looking today. >> nice day today. chill in the air. knots much low cloud deck and not as much fog. i am not seeing dense patchy fog. the sun is o
weapons and the united states. >> we are live in san francisco where two stabbings happened with in an hour of each other in the same neighborhood. we will tell you if police believe they are connected. >> rain showers drifting closer to the coastline. when the rain starts in your neighborhood. mornings on 2 starts right now. >> compete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on two. >> good morning. welcome to mornings on two. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. we start with a public memorial seldom seen in the bay area. today's service is in honor of two fallen heroes from santa cruz. the two officers were killed in the line of duty last week. detective baker was getting ready to retire after serving 28 years with the police department. detective butler was a ten year veteran who had worked as a patrol officer and hostage negotiator. sal will cover the memorial procession from santa cruz to san jose. we are in san grows -- we start with claudine in santa cruz. >> reporter: we are standing at the start of the procession. the folks told to gathe
afternoon. san francisco which was 63 yesterday. we'll go 62 for a high. starting off mostly sunny. we'll see mostly cloudy skies by this afternoon and then cloudy by this evening. temperatures with more of a westerly breeze. 40s on the temperatures. one upper 30. that's santa rosa. antioch, 44, livermore, san jose, redwood city, san rafael. san rafael seems to be stuck at 44. there's your break in the clouds right now. but they will continue to roll in later this afternoon leading to rain by tuesday afternoon. highs today, 60s into -- some low 70s. tomorrow that system comes in. it looks like that rain will carry us into wednesday. and 60s and 70s. no system behind this one. it's one system and out of here. clearing takes place on thursday and right now temperatures look like they will rebound as they head into the upcoming weekend. >>> 7:26. tomorrow, the new pope will be officially inaugurated. we'll bring you a live report from rome and have all of the new details about that ceremony. >>> and we're live here in san francisco where unhappy bay area postal workers plan on protesting
investigation. >> reporter: good morning. san francisco police say that the victim just underwent emergency surgery. you can see out here right now crime scene investigators are looking for evidence. there are yellow evidence markers on the ground out there. on the eastside of brian street between 24th and 25th street in the mission district. this is what it looked like when we first got here. i talked to an officer who said a man was walking down the sidewalk around three when someone walked up and shot him. the victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition. the shooter got into a car and took off. there is no description of the suspect or the vehicle at this time. most neighbors were asleep and wake up to the sounds of gun fire. one of them called the police. back out here live you can see at this point brian is shut down between 24th and 25th street. i talked to the detective who said that he still is unsure when the streets will reopen. reporting live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2news. >> united states park police are investigating a shooting near a popular tourist attracti
traffic. and we are backed up for 15 to 20 minutes of a delay and in san francisco southbound 101 it looks like there could be some trouble brewing right before caesar chavez. >>> we could have a little bit of rain, highs 50s and 60s and rain decreasing later today. >>> we were first on the scene at 4:30 this morning and there is a huge fire at bethel island burning right now claudine wong will have a live update. >>> we have a soggy start for the official first day of spring here in the bay area, stay right here with us. >> reporter: there's a stubborn fire continuing to burn out here on bethel island. take a look behind me as the flames continue to shoot through the roof. out here, the battalion and fire chief say they have a new plan of attack. we'll tell you about it -- coming up. >>> we finally got some rain. not much. is this it? one and done? >>> the critical item on president obama's agenda in israel. >> reporter: it's b.a.r.t. verses the birds. we'll tell you how much the agency is spending to keep their stations free and bird free. it may surprise you -- as "mornings on 2" starts
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